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To get the best fruit-you have to climb to the top of the tree

You put a new goal in front of you and you really want to achieve it. But, as good as it sounds, the negative chatter around you sounds even louder: ‘What if you fall? What if you get hurt? Maybe this is not the best time to start something new?! Didn’t you just finished something, why don’t you settle at that?’

Of course, this negative chatter might be coming just from you, not anyone else around you. That is even harder, since than you tend to make things even bigger and harder than they seem. So at that point, it’s better to have someone to talk things through than constantly talking negative to yourself.

What works for me is reading and re-reading motivational and inspirational phrases, stories, books and quotes. This time I’d share a piece of the book The Great Escape, written by Geoff Thompson :

…being scared doesn’t mean that I will not make the peak, I can make it not just in spite of my fear, but because of it, I can use the fear as a fuel. So it has to stretch you, it is the stretch that makes you bigger.

Again, backtracking a bit, there is nothing wrong with the small hills; we need them to build the right mentality to do the higher ones. You don’t attempt Everest if you’re out of breath climbing your stairs at home. But at some point, you have to recognize the fact that to get the best fruit you have to climb to the top of the tree. So it’s all about perspective. To succeed, you have to look for and welcome the obstacles, because adversity precedes height. No adversity, no advance…

You were actually born a champion, and no matter what obstacles and difficulties lay in your way, they are not one tenth as great as those that have already been overcome at the moment of your conception. Victory is built into every living person.

Have a great day everyone!

Constant Improvement

Today is the starting day of the course Introduction to Sociology, free course from Professor Mitch Duneier, from Princeton University, on Coursera.

Just recently I found out about this web-site that offers free courses from very prestigious universities (MIT, Princeton, Stanford, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, etc). It was just at the time when I was wondering how can I continue studying about interesting subjects, perhaps at some high-ranked university and still work. The page says “Courses for Everyone”, so naturally,  I signed up for almost all courses…now thinking that I should let go of at least a few 🙂

Anyway, what better way to engage yourself in mindful study and still get rewarded for it, as you get a certificate at the end if you finish the exams, than attending these courses that are taught by one of the best professors in some of the best universities in the world? Additionally, the motivation you get from finishing a course that is followed by so many students over the world is priceless.

However, the most beautiful thing for me is the diversity of courses and the possibility to learn subjects that you haven’t been able to study otherwise. Plus, the feeling of constant improvement towards your personal development and giving yourself a chance to extend your skills is very inspiring.

I highly recommend everyone, to at least check the courses. I am sure that there is a course for everyone’s taste.

Here’s the link:



Finding the good in people


Believing that everyone has something good in themselves, I tend to stay friends with everyone and trying to convince the others to do the same. That’s why my range of friends is so versatile, that in one night out I go out to the theater, gallery exhibition of hand-made earing, a rock concert, a bit of clubbing, until the early morning when I end up in the park at my neighborhood. All with different people, all different styles, all different ideas and conversations.

However, last night I had the unfortunate event, when one group of well-suited friends, started to talk down to the other groups about not spending too much, about how they choose to be poor and uncultured and even though I love everyone of them, I just felt so sad. They do have privileges, they do have everything they want served right in front of them, and  they do not quite get it how it is to be on the other side. Of course, you can be around people like yourself and without knowing what others are like, but what I can’t understand is why don’t you want to know? Why don’t you walk around those places where you don’t usually walk around? Why don’t you care to find out what good or bad other people do? How is it that you form an opinion without actually knowing the other side, without spending at least one hour talking to the others?

have conversations with people

The conclusion is simple: Walk around and talk to all sorts of people. All of them have their own stories and life that you can’t even imagine. They do things they think are right, they have regrets, they learn. But most of all they are eager to share their experience with you and you can always learn from everyone. Treat everyone with kindness and care for people, they will appreciate it and they will find the good in you as well.

be friends with everyone