Finding the good in people


Believing that everyone has something good in themselves, I tend to stay friends with everyone and trying to convince the others to do the same. That’s why my range of friends is so versatile, that in one night out I go out to the theater, gallery exhibition of hand-made earing, a rock concert, a bit of clubbing, until the early morning when I end up in the park at my neighborhood. All with different people, all different styles, all different ideas and conversations.

However, last night I had the unfortunate event, when one group of well-suited friends, started to talk down to the other groups about not spending too much, about how they choose to be poor and uncultured and even though I love everyone of them, I just felt so sad. They do have privileges, they do have everything they want served right in front of them, and  they do not quite get it how it is to be on the other side. Of course, you can be around people like yourself and without knowing what others are like, but what I can’t understand is why don’t you want to know? Why don’t you walk around those places where you don’t usually walk around? Why don’t you care to find out what good or bad other people do? How is it that you form an opinion without actually knowing the other side, without spending at least one hour talking to the others?

have conversations with people

The conclusion is simple: Walk around and talk to all sorts of people. All of them have their own stories and life that you can’t even imagine. They do things they think are right, they have regrets, they learn. But most of all they are eager to share their experience with you and you can always learn from everyone. Treat everyone with kindness and care for people, they will appreciate it and they will find the good in you as well.

be friends with everyone


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