To get the best fruit-you have to climb to the top of the tree

You put a new goal in front of you and you really want to achieve it. But, as good as it sounds, the negative chatter around you sounds even louder: ‘What if you fall? What if you get hurt? Maybe this is not the best time to start something new?! Didn’t you just finished something, why don’t you settle at that?’

Of course, this negative chatter might be coming just from you, not anyone else around you. That is even harder, since than you tend to make things even bigger and harder than they seem. So at that point, it’s better to have someone to talk things through than constantly talking negative to yourself.

What works for me is reading and re-reading motivational and inspirational phrases, stories, books and quotes. This time I’d share a piece of the book The Great Escape, written by Geoff Thompson :

…being scared doesn’t mean that I will not make the peak, I can make it not just in spite of my fear, but because of it, I can use the fear as a fuel. So it has to stretch you, it is the stretch that makes you bigger.

Again, backtracking a bit, there is nothing wrong with the small hills; we need them to build the right mentality to do the higher ones. You don’t attempt Everest if you’re out of breath climbing your stairs at home. But at some point, you have to recognize the fact that to get the best fruit you have to climb to the top of the tree. So it’s all about perspective. To succeed, you have to look for and welcome the obstacles, because adversity precedes height. No adversity, no advance…

You were actually born a champion, and no matter what obstacles and difficulties lay in your way, they are not one tenth as great as those that have already been overcome at the moment of your conception. Victory is built into every living person.

Have a great day everyone!


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