Need to understand

Why do you help everyone, but refuse to ask for help when you need it? How is it OK to feel so left out when you know there are at least 10 people who are always there for you and willing to help?

Or is this twirling to the ground, just an act, to give you a reason to say that you don’t feel like doing something…

Can’t help but hope you will stop with this at once. Hope…it sure sounds religious or spiritual, but it’s so pure as well. It’s the one thing that I never stop doing…even when I don’t know what else to do, even when I, myself, feel hopeless, I hope for you to be better…

I hope you’ll read this. I hope you know this. 

I hope you’ll be better!!! I hope you’ll see the light and find your way…

But most of all, I hope that you will understand how much I can actually help you and that you know that I am here…always…


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