Donating your time

This whole month started in a sort of dazzle for me, as I decided to be more generous with my time to strangers in September. I have decided to be more inventive in the way I give my donations this year and the donation of time was one of my ways to be charitable.

I have been involved in organizations where I have volunteered and gave charity my entire life. But this is different, as I give my time, purposely, whenever-wherever, all month long.

See…not very smart 🙂

As this era’s technology is so massive, being there for people, was never easier. It is not only the phone, but also emails, social web-sites, Skype, Facebook, comments and requests, all of it. And I can not say no to any of them, when I said that I would be positive on all of them! Help everyone, everywhere, anytime….So, anytime someone asks for something, explanation, instruction, information, I answer, I explain, I instruct…. And the day goes in, and the day goes out and I have no idea where the time actually went!

It is only three days in, and I already feel stressed out, as I have not much of the work that needs to be done for work, and I have helped in not very meaningful ways to people that I don’t even really know.

So, the new task would be, HELPING EVERYONE, AFTER THE WORK FOR THAT DAY IS FINISHED! 🙂 And it is lot of work, since September is the “deadlines” month. I only hope this turns out more productive as time goes by.



One thought on “Donating your time

  1. We all set ourselves impossible tasks. The good thing is we can STOP doing any of them immediately. That’s how we learn. Sometimes the silly rules in our head say that we are quitters or not following through but that’s not true. It takes a smart person to know that the choice she made wasn’t working out. That’s the lesson. You don’t get points for hanging in there, you just waste your time and become unhappy.

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