Does your mind work for you?

Eat right, drink right, go to bed early, wake up in quietness, meditate, surround yourself with positivism…. I try to do all the right things. But still, can’t seem to keep my mind on the right path. It drifts off to more interesting subjects than the work on hand.

I’m supposed to be a scientist. But the artistic part of myself keep pushing me to a different direction. So in a way, my mind is divided into two very different parts. On the right is the calculus part, that is saying “You need to get a job in the scientific field, where you will prosper and have suitable income.” Than on the left side is the artistic me, saying “You have so much more in you, so much creativity and knowledge and skills, use them to create some beautiful work and you will enjoy your future more”

I hate the method of positive affirmations. It does nothing for me in this situation. I’m positive about taking a serious job, and I’m positive about creative working. I am positive that I can do both. But than, I have no energy, nor time for doing both.

Being torn out between these two, I would say that MY mind is definitely not working for me! Is is overload with questions, but no results are apparent. Nothing is resolved…

This month is the time that I need to decide. I have until the 15th of this month to finish with this questions and find the solution for the next 5-10 years.


2 thoughts on “Does your mind work for you?

  1. Okay, just a little pressure there. Try making two boxes in your head and think of ten dots. Ask yourself questions about the job and your art. Put a dot in the box that gets a positive answer and in the end, the box with the most dots wins. The dots follow your heart. If you have a tie answer, ask another question because the dot always has to go into one box or the other. Good luck.

    1. I did a similar thing, the difference was, instead of the positive dots, I counted the consequences if I did not do something. I guess the realist got the better part of me. Everyone loves to dream, but do not understand that to dream and not do anything about it becoming a reality, makes us lose a lot more than time. We lose our willingness to create, which is our ultimate purpose in life… Thank you for the advice, I will use it next time I find myself stuck with a problem. BTW, Love your posts! And your pictures! And your photos! Which makes you commenting my posts all the more pleasurable. Thank you!

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