Small reasons of happiness

It was the way she felt when she knew what she was doing was bad and disapproving. But it felt so good at the moment that she didn’t want that moment to end. Ever! She kept doing it. Add more to it. Wanted to be a quick fix at the beginning, but as nobody was around,she felt the silence as an ally. Her lips started to curve into an intimate smile. Her eyes eased and her face relaxed. Her whole body loosened and her mind unwind.

She DESERVED this! She deserved to indulge in the things that made her feel good in the past. No matter how bad it felt afterwards, she knew she could bring herself back on the right track again.

This was delightful and fulfilling and she felt her stomach starting to warm up and cascade the temperature onto the entire body. It was love.

The smooth texture of the butter, the salty taste of the hard cheese and the sultry feeling of the sausage all were blended on the crisp white bread. Oh, the longing for white bread can be daunting after months and months of raw, unsalted, unflavored cups of blah!

She smiled at her excitement over a sandwich and lay down on the bed feeling silly as a child, but satisfied and happy.  


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