The IceMan

Morning Angel

“The fridge is full and there is still nothing to eat” she thought to her self. “Just put the sneakers on and go the the bakery down the street to get some warm croissant”, the voice called again. She even forgot to put a coat on. Opening the front door of the building, let the cold air blow to her face and she took a step back, putting the hood of her jacket on the head. Her face wrinkled “Yeah, this is JUST what I needed, a blow in the face!”

She hurried down the street, not even turning to check if there are cars passing by, completely consummated in her own thoughts of how “This is just the worst day!”. Could not have gotten to the bakery more quickly than that day. The second she walked in, she took off her hood and exhaled loudly. The salesgirl smiled and…

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