Unconditional frendliness

The interesting thing about friends is that we always seem to lean on the ones we feel comfortable with and we do not need to protect ourselves from feeling vulnerable around them. We can be ourselves. We can be tender or tough, sarcastic or compassionate, acrimonious or  pleasant; yet they will not leave our sight. They understand us, snap us out of feeling sad or fear and they reinforce our confidence and self-believe.

Yet, we do not try to become this person, a friend to ourselves! Most people run away of an empty room, trying to find place full of people or at least, going online and hurrying into tangling with acquaintances on the social networks as fast as they can.  But this habit makes us cold and furtive. We run away from own being, following this daily pattern in carrying away our brain to be stuck in the outside, not allowing it to enlighten and bring freshness to our life. 

It is not difficult for people to be with themselves when they like what they see!


The first step to friendliness is absolution. Train gentleness through meditation, little bylittle, forgiving yourself, your past, your mistakes, your sadness. Do it often, even for 5 minutes, but several times per day, so that you become accustomed to being alone and enjoying it. Discipline yourself to enjoy practicing gentleness. 

Confirming that I’m kind of a mess, gives me the starting point for untangle the mess. That way I can turn my energy to clear up the issues and begin to see the habits and patterns that rotten my mind and soul. Maybe you didn’t see yourself clearly before, your poverty mentality, always second-guessing yourself…could be the reasons why you were running away from yourself.  But the minute you understand the story you have been telling yourself, you can change the story. 

You can start to pull away from the malice, incorrigible, pattern and start writing your new, fresh, jovial, utopia-like, ideal life story! Train in acknowledging the kindness, to find your sense of humor and enjoy your heart , mind and body. Practice to support yourself and to learn more about your openness and vivacity. 

This can be very simple for anyone.The only thing you need to do is to just commit yourself to freeing yourself up for the friend living inside of you. 


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