Make up your mind

In 1 weekend

In one weekend you can read and research on a subject that you haven’t ever thought you would be an expert in. You will not be an expert in the subject in reading about it in one weekend either, but you would be closer to finding your stand-point on it. So, this weekend, I explored my view on the next step in cloning genes (after my country decided that GMO was OK to be imported without any restrictions) , after understanding more about the history of cloning and genetics. I decided to write this in a research-paper-like manner, quoting my resources and all 🙂 Hope it will make you contemplate on the subject as well.


The issue of cloning human genomes

Since the cloning of Dolly, the cloned sheep, born in Scotland, July 1996, scientists around the world have started to clone other animals, and the real question is how…

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