The beginning

The smell went straight up to my nostrils. A weird nervous smile came to my face, rush of memories, bringing mixed feelings of happiness and sadness. Just when thinking that this was a mistake, I wasn’t supposed to agree to come here from the beginning, since, repeating the past is one of my specialties, I looked up and caught a glimpse of the plaid pants. The faces looking up and smiling at me were not aware of the supernatural emotional state I was in.


Walking slowly up the dusty path I was wondering what was going on. With a big smile and steady handshake I greeted these new friends. All but one. I did not remember any names at first. Something was missing. Someone was missing. And then, there he was.

I do not think I heard him coming. I felted. He just walked out of the house, holding an apple in his hand. His scent was earthy, unique but still familiar. “Oh, new people!”– he exclaimed enthusiastically. Looking him, that first time, in his eyes made me so unease, afraid of what can happen, questioning myself if I am imagining something or he really is the only person in the world. Snapping out of it, while my roommate was laughing at me “Come on sunshine, wake up!” , I said a shy Hello, and looked down quickly.

My heart was beating out of my chest; my mind was having a battle on its own, while my body was just standing there, strangely, dendroidal, unaware of the surroundings. Someone grabbed my bags and moved on inside the house, talking in foggy, distant sound, luring me to come back down to Earth. I asked for some water immediately, hoping that I am just dehydrated from the road and nothing, NOTHING, else is going on. Send a quick text back home that I’ve arrived and all is well, the weather is fine and should be fast three days with these nice people here, I jumped, head on in to the conversation with my roommate about the room we were staying.

“This is going to be fun”– she said, pointing to the old, stain-full futons on the floor. We laughed, but knew that we had to do something about it. We called for someone to come and explain the sleeping arrangement for us and as the girl was trying to tell she would give us some bedding to cover the stains, he emerged from behind her, biting his apple and saying it’s not a big deal, “They are very comfortable, especially if you get very drunk and can’t go up the stairs because your head is spinning”.  I smiled, while the girls gave him a disapproving look. I couldn’t help but feel as if I knew him forever and forgot about him for a while.

He walked out of the room, feeling the silence he left over the girls and I walked out after him.

“Hi, I didn’t introduce myself before properly. You’re Bob, right?”

“Yes, and you haven’t introduced yourself this time either”– he smiled.

Oh, his smile was so captivating. His eyes were twinkling, showing how amused he was of my jitteriness.

“Right, I’m Sunny. I mean, you can call me Sunny. That’s what everyone calls me.”  I could feel my face blushing more and more with every word I was saying.

“All right Sunny, that’s a nickname I haven’t heard. Want an apple?”

What was it with him and the apples? I never really liked apples, but I took one anyway. It was funny how I felt like I had to do whatever he was. Be closer, easier to talk to, and friendlier than ever.



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