To be or not to be…complacent!?


One state of being that I just can’t find ideal is the state of complacency. How can anyone be smug about the life they have, not finding anything to improve and acknowledge that should be criticized upon?

The natural urge of any human being is to find an area in which they do not feel content with and , sooner or later, they would do something about it. I say it is a human nature, but lately, I have found that there are so many people who do not feel human to me anymore!

Being OK with 100 pounds on? Being OK with your children yelling at you? Not doing anything about earning money, while spending your little brother’s cash like he just got jackpot?!

I do understand people who have turned the world upside-down to get where they are and than to feel complacent, to just live. But so many young, healthy, even intelligent people act so conceited that bring me to the edge of irritation!

Discover a cure for an illness, publish a book, earn a living, photograph Pluto, climb Everest, design the hippest building or build a robot! Than maybe, just maybe, you can act complacent! But knowing few people doing that, they become even more self-critical and willing to do more!

Try to do better than yesterday. Do your best every day, but make sure that you do better tomorrow! There is nothing more pleasurable, than to know that, at the end of the day, you have made an improvement in yourself!


7 thoughts on “To be or not to be…complacent!?

  1. SIGH. I completely agree. I feel like some of us are in a perennial struggle to divest ourselves of the most extreme form of “critical perspective” by living with self-loathing, while others are blissfully oblivious and seem to deem themselves perfection in a bowl. Is it lack of introspection? Disinterest? Perhaps a question of education, life experience – geography, even? I have no idea. But, like you, I feel that without striving to improve upon some aspect of one’s person and/or life, one inevitably descends into narcissism or idiocy.

    1. Wow, Alex, that was nicely put!
      I spent three days with these kind of people and it just drove me crazy! It’s one thing to be confident about one or even two things, but it is completely another to feel as if you have reach your ultimate self in your twenties!
      Thank you for the comment and for understanding the post faultlessly!

  2. Agreed! I believe we should always be striving to be better people and those who believe they are perfect must be simply delusional. Self improvement gives people a sense of purpose. To just live and believe you are “perfection in a bowl” (i literally laughed out loud at that) sounds pretty darn boring!

    1. It does sound boring! It much more interesting when the bowl is cracked, glued back together, paint over on some places, bursting with history and stories! And you can’t fill a bowl with many adventurous stories, if you always tend to just keep it still and motionless! Thanks for the lovely comment!

  3. Complacency is usually aided and abetted by his best friend, Procrastination. That guy is my number one enemy – once I sit down in front of my computer, he pops up at my shoulder and starts whispering in my ear. So now I’m off to get something done, or I’ll feel guilty!

    1. Seems like we have the same enemy. I try to control it now and fight back as much as I can, some days better than others. However, I never even met his friend “complacency” personally, and hope to never meet him in my life! 🙂

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