The man who can’t be moved

Life will pass you by, wondering if you can jump in on the ride anytime you want. The faces you felt you knew will disappear, some new kids will move in the block. Yet, you are still standing, right there on the corner, where I left you ten years ago, still thinking whether you should pass the street and say Hi to the girl in the bakery, that grown up to be a lovely young women now.

Can’t stop myself feeling a bit relief that I moved pass the fear and stepped on to the concrete jungle. Walked to the other side of the street, walked to the station, bought the ticket and walked into the world. Yet, you are still here. Sadly, you do not even know what you are missing on. You fool yourself into loving the perception of security you feel in your old shoes. You know everyone on that side of the path. Everyone greets you and you smile and you say to yourself: “This life can not be better. There is nothing better than knowing your place and everybody else knowing it” . You do not even see the irony in the meaning of the way you think. 

I want to open up your mind. I’m bringing postcards and souvenirs form places I go to, wondrous nature, magnificent buildings or fun people. Sometimes, I even give you tickets to concerts and invite you to come with me. But you don’t… You never come… You never leave your place….


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