Crafting an Effective Writer, assignment from week 3

crafting an effective writerAs the results are open, and I had such a great feedback from this one, I wanted to share the story in here. Hope it will be enjoyable for everyone, as it was for the peers who asses it.

I sit here quietly on the bench. I hold my breath and watch the still lake through the luscious tree cones. Than I came back to reality. My friends make lunch in the kitchen today, but they can not stop fighting! I close my eyes, wishing I could get lost in my head and distance myself from the surrounding, but I can not.
Who put the chicken in the big pot? Who turned off the stove? Is the water still running? Who cut the cucumbers so fat?!
I had to get up and fireproof the situation. Maya, you take care of the salads. John, wash the pots clear out the mess. Ben, you are such a great cook, figure out what to do with the chicken and make sure you turn off every appliance after you finish using it.  I will set the table, and find some wine to go along with the chicken. Oh, and Christina, you know you do not belong in the kitchen, please get out of it before you break something. Why don’t you do, what you do best, and choose some upbeat cheerful music we can all sing along to and have some positive vibrations stirred again in this cabin? You can help me out afterwards in clearing up the table for the card games. OK?
Everyone smiled and started to work. After few seconds, Alanis Morrisette told us how Ironic we can be, through the speakers. And just few seconds after, Christina found the microphone, and decided she should tell us the same thing herself.
It turned out to be the best day in the cabin ever! We all sing our hearts out, danced and posed in front of our cameras and dressed out in the most hideous clothes imaginable! The chicken tasted plain and dull, but Ben made the best vegetarian lasagna as a side dish, that just blew our minds.
I will always remember this weekend! We all will remember it. And we all will want to come back here and add new memories.


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