My idol’s Birthday! Marie Curie 144th Birthday


Today is Marie Curie 144th Birthday! One of the most famous women in the history of the world, not just in the sciences, managed to change the perspective of the work of women in the field. She proved that hard work, lot of studying and great passion for your work is what makes a person brilliant! What was amazing about this women is that she believed that people can be good and so she act accordingly. She stimulated everyone around her, friends, family, colleagues, to be the best they can be by boosting their morale and sharing her prizes with them. She understood the value of nurturing her relationships and she never EVER let the fame of her success overshadow the importance of her personal life and research.

She can not be left outside of your circle of idols! Especially if you are a women or girl or scientist. Or even a human being wishing to be the best you can be. She is the most inspirational person I have ever read about, that radiate with morality and perfection.


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4 thoughts on “My idol’s Birthday! Marie Curie 144th Birthday

  1. Hi! Totally agree with you! Did you know that the both dougthers of Maria Skłodowska-Curie were also amazing! Irène Joliot-Curie got Nobel Prize for chemistry and Ève Curie was honored for her work for UNICEF. Beautiful by heart and mind…

    1. Yes! It is amazing what a mother can inspire in her children, right? And their kids are scientists as well! The family values and the importance of helping the world, nurtured from an early age can make a great difference in anyone’s life!

  2. It reminds me so much of dialogue from The Big Bang Theory but yes, what a woman. What a pity she died painfully and ignorant to the dangers of exposure to radiation. I read that even her cookbook was still so radioactive, it is kept in a lead lined box and can only be handled wearing full protection against radiation.
    Thanks for following my cat’s cookbook. (It’s me really but don’t tell anyone)

    1. Ha, the time when Sheldon told the young girls how they can end up dead from radiation or something if they work and study hard enough? 🙂
      Your blog is fun! Thanks for following mine 🙂 Hope you enjoy it!

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