Happy Birthday Monet!


Celebrating a birthday of an artist like Monet, doesn’t require many words. Instead, I’ll just share few of his best paintings, starting with one of my personal favorites, San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk.   

 Few years ago I had the pleasure of owning a huge Claude Monet calendar, enjoying one painting at a month. I still have it, and occasionally open it up to fuel up my appreciation for beauty. His impeccable eye for details and composition made his paintings real and full of emotions. Here are few more to enjoy:



3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Monet!

  1. We traveled to Giverny where Monet spent his summers and visit the English garden as well as the bridge and Lillie pads. If you haven’t seen it , I hope you will go sometime. Lovely tribute. Thanks so much for the like of the Tiny Indian Squirrel! Please visit again soon and often. Namaste. . .

    1. Oh, I would love to go there. I’m sure he choose those places because they were magnificent and wanted to capture the magic.
      I love the way you celebrate life and all living things on your blog. Thanks for stopping by on mine. Hope you’ll enjoy it and make your day happier!

      1. Well there was a lovely French farmhouse completely surrounded by a multitude of flowers. There were casement windows that in opening outward, seemed to bring the colors, beauty , and scent indoors. Each room was painted yellow. Interestingly enough, there was not a one of his paintings on the walls, but many, many Japanese blue pictures, which were his favorites. The pond was across the road with the elegant willow tree. I bet you could find a You Tube video from there. Add it to your list as it well worth a day. Also an amazing gift shop! Happy Friday!

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