When I question my sanity

When I question my sanity

I make sure I listen to those who love me the most 😉


10 thoughts on “When I question my sanity

  1. If only people would. Especially kids dating bad people, their family who LOVES and only wants the best for them, tells them they don’t like the person. They should RUN!! Once you are a parent you know how much you love your children and by default how much your parents loved you and only wanted the best for you!

    1. Sometimes the things we need to hear, should come from people we don’t really know. I have seen this, as my mother is a teacher and her students listen more to what she says, than what their parents say. Often, their parents would talk to her, so that she can talk to her students. Children, even older ones are always rebellious. It’s not something you can change by talking, but , once you recognize it. it is something you can work with.

  2. Sound advice. I don’t have a unicorn or gummy bears, so I ask my Playmobil Peter Pan. Positive thinking, I agree with you wholeheartedly. But (un)fortunately kids insist on finding out for themselves, because they know they can always rely on the parents that love them… I’m in the same boat as you at the moment, so I feel your frustration 🙂

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