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10 Phrases Women Need to Live By

Love the phrases, lovely reminder of the power of words!

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1. Flawless: I woke up like this.

Learn to love your body and appearance as much as you love your favourite junk food. Wake up in the morning and tell yourself that you’re flawless. Literally, say it to the mirror and watch your self-esteem skyrocket.

2. Respect.

Set high standards for yourself and decide which people to let in, run over and wipe them out with your pride.

3. Miss Independent.

Learning to have this characteristic doesn’t come easily because it takes time to let yourself get used to the ways that are new. Strive to love yourself and those around you while still “doing you.” Do your own thing, follow your own dreams and don’t be dependent on other people — it’s sexy.

4. Don’t test me.

Pushovers are completely miserable. So, figure out what gets under your skin most and then develop strategic ways in which you can…

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Naomi Campbell’s advice from Shape Magazine


I was just reading SHAPE magazine and I love the advice Naomi is sharing in it. She gives her “best beauty secrets” which really are great advice for everyone! There are some that are not so secret to the world like “find your passion” or “eat clean”, but the second one : BREAK DOWN BARRIERS really intrigued me. 


She talks about the starting off in the fashion world as one of the first few black models. Of course it was a world she had to break into, in order to be successful. So her lesson learned from that time:

“I learned if you don’t accept no for an answer, you often get a yes…. Every cover I got, I fought for. No’s don’t deter me- they make me more determined”

is what every person should understand and do, every day! Fight for what you know you should have: the freedom for everyone, the promotion or the job you want, the human and animal rights, the vacation days you need to spend with your family, the perfect health you know you deserve! 

I would definitely listen to this girl- hard to believe almost 44-year old woman with that face and body- as she clearly has succeeded in her professional life and from what I’ve read from her interview in the magazine, her inner, personal life as well. 


Images from Shape Magazine :

Belief lifts your talent

This morning I started reading John C. Maxwell’s Beyond Talent and instantly I felt the urge to share an idea from the first chapter. Here it is:


“The first and greatest obstacle to success for most people is their belief in themselves…It’s lack of trust in themselves, which is self-imposed limitation. However, when people believe in themselves, they unleash power in themselves and resources around them that almost immediately take them to higher level. Your potential is a picture of what you can become. “


It’s amazing what people can do when they believe in themselves and their abilities. So today, I urge you: Believe in what you can do: because you can do amazing things! 



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year of creative habits

71/365 | year of creative habits

I’m currently readying Dani Shapiro‘s Still Writing. I first saw the book in a instagram photo by Tammy Strobel. It has a cute watercolored cover and Tammy highly recommended it so I reserved it from my local library and then promptly forgot about it. When the book came in I looked it over wondering why I got it. I’m not a writer nor do I really want to be one. I started reading it anyway and quickly found it worthwhile. I began to substitute ‘artist’ for ‘writer’ and ‘create’ for ‘write’ and then it totally made sense for me. There’s a little section on HABIT that fits in so well here.

“I sit down every day at around the same time and put myself in the path of inspiration…”

“It’s hard to overestimate the importance of habit. Of routine.”

“So much can be accomplished in one focused…

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