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One of my favorite real-life stories

This is a real life, that seems so surreal, unusual, almost like fantasy movie, or rather yet, an animated children movie. Absolutely love this story. I know it is old, many of you maybe have already read about it, nonetheless, I had to share it:

– for those who haven’t read it—>to be amazed and inspired

– for those who know it—> to reread it and re-experience the magnificent life


Born in Namibia, to French wildlife photographer parents, growing up in Africa, this lovely child, now 23 years old, had elephant, cheetah and bullfrog as friends.

You can enjoy more pictures and the entire story in the book:

Tippi – My Book of Africa

Mon livre d’Afrique

Tippi aus Afrika. Das Mädchen, das mit den Tieren spricht.

Like the Flowing River by Paulo Coelho

This is the ONLY book he has the English rights. An incredible compilation of inspiration, motivation and pure wisdom! When reading Coelho, you always get excited and calmed at the same time. You get filled with love and understanding.

Don’t stop at the Alchemist. Read more, and read now! It’s the best food for thought that you can “eat” over and over again!

Get it now!


I don’t know if I have told you yet, but I loooove reading books. It’s my way of relaxing and enjoying and shutting myself from the world, even when I read in a room full of people.

Now, in the spirit of Thanksgiving and giving thanks to everything that matters in our lives, I wanted to give thanks to the man who have saved me from depression and hurting myself, over and over again, ROBIN SHARMA!

Every single book he had written had left me better than it found me! I started from the Megaliving! Change your life in 30 days, and I really changed my life. His step-by-step process of telling you what to do, showing you the right path and not making you feel overwhelmed by the exercises and the tasks you need to do, are perfect for anyone who wants to be better. It can be applied to any area of your life: health, wealth, education, relationships, business, family, love, exercises, anything! I started with health myself, and it did wonders! I have never thought I could change in just 30 days! It was after the first week when I realized I CAN DO THIS! And after the first 30 days, I have realized that not only I can do this, I WANT TO DO THIS FOREVER!

Start off with this book and develop the last month of this year into the beginning of the best life you can have!

You can’t push the ocean


Being a huge book lover, I always take some parts of the books and write them down so that I’ll have them with me everywhere, without having to take the book around with me. Yesterday I was going through these notes and I found one from one of my favorite writers, Robin Sharma. This one is from his book “The Saint, the Surfer and the CEO”, from the part where the surfer teaches the young Jack about life.

“Stop struggling and start being. Struggle breeds stress, and stress is a great barrier to living in a state of grace, ease, and flow—the kind of state you need to be in to attract your best life to you. When I was in the corporate world, all I saw were people struggling, pushing, and trying. There was too much doing and not enough being. The laws of nature don’t work that way. To grow a flower, there’s no struggle or trying—it just happens. It’s a lovely, natural unfolding that takes place. To try to push the flower to grow just kills the thing. And yet that’s what we’re inclined to do in our lives. You can’t push the ocean, Jack. You need to let it flow. And if you don’t get this point and you stay in the struggle, you’re basically going against the rules of nature.”

How can you not love this part?  Don’t kill your dreams by overdoing it. Take it step by step, otherwise you’ll be overwhelmed and everything will collapse. Take the time to see your progress and admire it. What’s the point in doing something remarkable if you can’t enjoy it?