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Missed Birthdays

For one day in a year, I become selfish. I want to have everyone call me, think of me, send me the warmest of wishes and love. I want my friends and family to make effort when choosing their words (and gifts) around me, and I want to be the happiest person in the world. Yes, it’s my birthday and I want to be the center of attention!

Every year I say that I will not make a big deal out of it. I’m not that young anymore, I don’t have that extra money to spend on one party, I just don’t feel like making a big fuss. But than the day comes and my best friends are the first to call and ask “So where is the party?”…and I have to have an answer. This year, it was so impromptu, that I just bought couple of bottles of gin and fresh mint and made the best mojito party there is! 

Yet, the next day you start thinking who did not came/call/wished(singed) “Happy Birthday”. Did they forgot? Have I forgot to call them? Should I have had invited them anyway? Should I call them now? Eventually, time goes by and you forget about these questions.

However, the time comes when they have their own special day. These days, with the notifications, Facebook or Skype is hard to forget or ignore someone’s birthday, but when you are doing a huge project, thoroughly immersed in the work,  or are out of the country, or life(and it counter part) just halts you in your every-day tasks,  these things happen!

I wished so many belated birthdays to friends and family members in the past few months, people start to wonder if I’ve become forgetful or ignorant! And the birthdays I miss the most are the ones of the great people of the history of the world, when I read a book by a famous writer (Victor Hugo, 26th of Feb Les Misérables or Charles Dickens, 7th of FebOliver Twist) or listen to great music (Mozart-27th January, Bob Marley-6th Feb, Norah Jones- 30th March, Marvin Gaye- 2nd April) or watched a great movie or documentary for an artist, scientists, sportist etc. 

I’ve missed so many events, birthdays, celebrations and moments of leisure and fun. Just now , looking back, I can see the sacrifice I have made. Sometimes you have to ask yourself if it is worth it. But for this…for now…I think it is.

Like the Flowing River by Paulo Coelho

This is the ONLY book he has the English rights. An incredible compilation of inspiration, motivation and pure wisdom! When reading Coelho, you always get excited and calmed at the same time. You get filled with love and understanding.

Don’t stop at the Alchemist. Read more, and read now! It’s the best food for thought that you can “eat” over and over again!

Get it now!


I don’t know if I have told you yet, but I loooove reading books. It’s my way of relaxing and enjoying and shutting myself from the world, even when I read in a room full of people.

Now, in the spirit of Thanksgiving and giving thanks to everything that matters in our lives, I wanted to give thanks to the man who have saved me from depression and hurting myself, over and over again, ROBIN SHARMA!

Every single book he had written had left me better than it found me! I started from the Megaliving! Change your life in 30 days, and I really changed my life. His step-by-step process of telling you what to do, showing you the right path and not making you feel overwhelmed by the exercises and the tasks you need to do, are perfect for anyone who wants to be better. It can be applied to any area of your life: health, wealth, education, relationships, business, family, love, exercises, anything! I started with health myself, and it did wonders! I have never thought I could change in just 30 days! It was after the first week when I realized I CAN DO THIS! And after the first 30 days, I have realized that not only I can do this, I WANT TO DO THIS FOREVER!

Start off with this book and develop the last month of this year into the beginning of the best life you can have!

Crafting an Effective Writer, assignment from week 3

crafting an effective writerAs the results are open, and I had such a great feedback from this one, I wanted to share the story in here. Hope it will be enjoyable for everyone, as it was for the peers who asses it.

I sit here quietly on the bench. I hold my breath and watch the still lake through the luscious tree cones. Than I came back to reality. My friends make lunch in the kitchen today, but they can not stop fighting! I close my eyes, wishing I could get lost in my head and distance myself from the surrounding, but I can not.
Who put the chicken in the big pot? Who turned off the stove? Is the water still running? Who cut the cucumbers so fat?!
I had to get up and fireproof the situation. Maya, you take care of the salads. John, wash the pots clear out the mess. Ben, you are such a great cook, figure out what to do with the chicken and make sure you turn off every appliance after you finish using it.  I will set the table, and find some wine to go along with the chicken. Oh, and Christina, you know you do not belong in the kitchen, please get out of it before you break something. Why don’t you do, what you do best, and choose some upbeat cheerful music we can all sing along to and have some positive vibrations stirred again in this cabin? You can help me out afterwards in clearing up the table for the card games. OK?
Everyone smiled and started to work. After few seconds, Alanis Morrisette told us how Ironic we can be, through the speakers. And just few seconds after, Christina found the microphone, and decided she should tell us the same thing herself.
It turned out to be the best day in the cabin ever! We all sing our hearts out, danced and posed in front of our cameras and dressed out in the most hideous clothes imaginable! The chicken tasted plain and dull, but Ben made the best vegetarian lasagna as a side dish, that just blew our minds.
I will always remember this weekend! We all will remember it. And we all will want to come back here and add new memories.

To be or not to be…complacent!?


One state of being that I just can’t find ideal is the state of complacency. How can anyone be smug about the life they have, not finding anything to improve and acknowledge that should be criticized upon?

The natural urge of any human being is to find an area in which they do not feel content with and , sooner or later, they would do something about it. I say it is a human nature, but lately, I have found that there are so many people who do not feel human to me anymore!

Being OK with 100 pounds on? Being OK with your children yelling at you? Not doing anything about earning money, while spending your little brother’s cash like he just got jackpot?!

I do understand people who have turned the world upside-down to get where they are and than to feel complacent, to just live. But so many young, healthy, even intelligent people act so conceited that bring me to the edge of irritation!

Discover a cure for an illness, publish a book, earn a living, photograph Pluto, climb Everest, design the hippest building or build a robot! Than maybe, just maybe, you can act complacent! But knowing few people doing that, they become even more self-critical and willing to do more!

Try to do better than yesterday. Do your best every day, but make sure that you do better tomorrow! There is nothing more pleasurable, than to know that, at the end of the day, you have made an improvement in yourself!

Crafting an Effective Writer


After more than a year of taking online courses on Coursera (‎), mostly in the Natural Sciences sector, I enrolled in a new course on Writing, named “Creating an Effective Writer”. It is one of the most perfectly structured courses I have been enrolled in, so far.

It is week 2 now, and I love all the lectures and exercises accompanying them. As a person who speaks English as a second language, who has never lived in an English speaking country and truly wants to learn the language in depth, this is the perfect course for me. Of course, many native speakers are taking the course, as they want to improve their writing abilities as well.

This weeks assignment was so fun! Developing a simple sentence into a short story. At least, that is what I did after writing more than the 12 unique words required to fulfill the assignment. 🙂

crafting an effective writer 2

The short sentences were very simple “The children play” , “The women walk”, “The flowers bloom”. There are so many adjectives and adverbs and phrases to add to this and build up the story with your imagination.

I really love the course and had to share the excitement 🙂

Bedtime reminiscing

This entire summer I can not go to sleep unless I am “sedated” by movies or TV series until I drift off to crazy dreams. The thoughts of the past; the “way things were” are just overwhelming. The thoughts of depression, loneliness, empty life, meaningless, health problems, family problems, relationships problems…the list just goes on and on…

This is the first night that I actually said, NO MORE. I have no more willingness to dull my mind. There are problems in everyone’s life. You can not go forward, unless you face that you have problems. But laying in bad and watching everything there is to watch is just…contributing to the problems. The more you dull your mind, the more depressed, worthless and lonely you become.

I hope I'm never that wrong again

I have read a quote I have written in my diary over a year ago and it said: “You can only reach the top of the mountains you have faced with” That doesn’t mean that you have to reach all mountain tops, or that you can not back down from some mountains you just do not want to climb anymore. It just means that you have to choose your battles, but you have to stay fighting until the end of them!


Now, here is where the reminiscing part starts: The times I have fought and won! There aren’t any better bedtime stories, than the ones where you are the winner. The body-exercise victory and routine; the incredible bonds build with friends; the hard work done, along with the praise received afterwards, all the exams and studying that brought astonishing results; all the volunteering done for the well-being of people;  …


You go to sleep feeling you can beat a dragon with one hand, doing your PhD with the other one. Than you begin imagining yourself climbing the mountains that you have left behind. Imagine the mountain top. The sun on your face. The wind blowing through you. Your red cheeks and nose; and your wised eyes…


I love that I have started hoping again. I know that it can be done, if I do the work. The job, the family, the relationships, but most importantly my health, everything can be improved. Just have to keep focused on those mountain tops while remembering the past victories for motivation to staying on the (up)right path.

Hope again faith healing fogiveness