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The night out

“Come on, hurry up!” I hate when everyone waits for us. Unlike some girls that like to make a big entrance when going to a party and to have everyone look at them, I am shy! I don’t like to be the one everyone looks at. I usually hide behind by boyfriend, he likes to be the center of attention and greets everyone in a “Taa-daa” sort of way.

“We are not being late for the Queen, it’s not like everyone is going to wait for us to have a cocktail!” he argues with me. He is always late. And he has a point with that one. Again, I hate when he has a point. I just don’t like tardiness!

keep calm it's only a night out

“Give me the keys, I want to drive” “No way, you’re going to drive me crazy again before a party!” “Oh, come on, you can play the radio and chill” …this goes on for few minutes as we walk to the parking lot. At the end, he always wins and drives as there is no other car on the street….or pedestrians…or dogs and cats passing through…or…whatever.

We park the car and walk to the pub, me leaning against him and holding onto his arm, he looking around for cars and bicycles as we pass the streets and paths. I like this part when we both start preparing for laughter and fun. We recollect some memories of our friends that await us and about things that happened to them recently that we ought to ask them about.

As I see my friends there, I slowly let go of him. I lit up while talking to my besties. Feeling the love and respect we have for each other, always defending our acts or attitudes

“But of course you should have taken the last bite from that cake!”

“How dare they measure your suitcase, losing your precious time at the airport”

Than we laugh at the silly things that have upset us in the past.

dancing sillies

After a while, he comes looking for me. We laugh together and I love that my friends love to hang out with him. More than few drinks after, my head starts to become blank and I’m laughing at everything, while closing my eyes more and more.

So, the night ends, we are going back to the car. I always keep a blanket in the car, and this is the perfect time when I use it. He wakes me up when he parks the car. We go into the bedroom and I just collapse on the bed. I laugh at everything again and he laughs with me.

Falling in sleep with laughter is the perfect ending to a night out!

happy couple