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Happy Birthday Jack Welch!


Today is his 77 birthday! This man has so much knowledge and experience in the field of leadership and management, that every word he sends out to the world is golden! I have been fascinated with the way he blends passion and simplicity, while always focusing on people. His books are bestsellers, he always smiles and he never shuts down or refuse to give an advice. He is one of those idols I have who shows me to be altruistic, by giving what I have studied and know. 

With that being said, I give you few options on how you can study his work and let him teach you to be a better leader, and a better human being. 

First, his books. You can find his books selling on Amazon.com http://amzn.to/1bA9HI0 . There are few *free* options for some of the books. Although, I do recommend having at least “Winning” or “Straight from the Gut” in a paperback copy in your house, so you can add your bookmarks to the important pages and things that can help you. Re-read them over and over! 


Here are some links for reading some of his books for free, I’ve found online:





Another option for truly diving in, in his teachings is—to let him personally teach you! Yup! Jack Welch has launched courses on Udemy! There are three courses, and each of them cost 500$, however, you can wait for some coupons and codes for discounts to lower the price. 

Here is the link to his courses on Udemy. 



Whatever you choose, choose something. His words will stay with you forever. 

Happy Birthday Jack! And have many more to come!