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Something unusual

My daily routine is something I have been working on for years. I have made for myself morning and evening rituals, periods of the day when I would drink tea, or drink coffee, when I would eat lunch, call my parents and grandparents, walk my dog etc. Incorporating the time spent on work and study would fit always, as I have plan B and C for anything.

But this year I’ve decided to finish my studies as a transfer student, far faaar away from home. It took great deal of building up confidence, facing challenges and ex-professors, admin, people who said it was a waste of time, but I got through it all and stick with my idea for quite some time. So, my routine got a bit different since the beginning of this year. I wrote essays, edited, rewrote, searched scholarships, translated the documents and worked.

The last deadline for the last application was March 1st. I have worked so hard right until the deadline that I got lost the next week! Suddenly I had too much time on my hands and no to do lists for the day, the week even the month! And what happens when you have no to dos? You become depressed, you get stuck in your head, you make up the stories for the up-come of your work, your future, your past work, “What could I have done more? Should I have done this differently? Would they notice? Would they like me? “…. And the circle goes round and round.

But then, one day, you get an email telling you have your first acceptance! Unbelievable that is so soon, that much, that I forwarded the email to my family and my closes friends to ask them what it means! You see, my biggest problem is my lack of self-confidence. But once I get some recognition, I strive and reach higher then I would ever imagine before.

It was unusual to fall back from my routines and rituals for a whole month, but now it’s incredible unusual how easy it is for me to get back on track because of a motivation as little as an email!

Thank you University of San Francisco! You made my day, my week, my month and perhaps my year 🙂 I can now go to sleep knowing that I have many things to finish on my to-do list tomorrow 🙂 Good night everyone, thanks for reading 🙂  

The power of books!

The power of books!

Read this story, about an actress, Lyne Renee,becoming painter, after reading a book! 

Lyne Reneepicture from IMDB

Quoting Robin Sharma, she said that after years of telling herself that she can’t be an artist, a painter, like her mother, understanding that “telling yourself you can’t do something, impose that limit upon yourself”, she started painting a portrait of her friend, followed by many other paintings. 

That is the power of reading books. Just one paragraph, or sentence of the book can ignite a fire in your mind that will inspire you to take action and achieve more than you ever thought you could!

Read a great book tonight! Just do it! And let me know what greatness happens next 😉


One of my favorite real-life stories

This is a real life, that seems so surreal, unusual, almost like fantasy movie, or rather yet, an animated children movie. Absolutely love this story. I know it is old, many of you maybe have already read about it, nonetheless, I had to share it:

– for those who haven’t read it—>to be amazed and inspired

– for those who know it—> to reread it and re-experience the magnificent life


Born in Namibia, to French wildlife photographer parents, growing up in Africa, this lovely child, now 23 years old, had elephant, cheetah and bullfrog as friends.

You can enjoy more pictures and the entire story in the book:

Tippi – My Book of Africa

Mon livre d’Afrique

Tippi aus Afrika. Das Mädchen, das mit den Tieren spricht.

Inspirational Movies: Best Man Down (2013)

I’ve decided to watch this movie, because I thought it would be a cheerful comedy. It said so on Imdb and had Justin Long as the lead, smiling and all. It did had some comic moments, but I ended up crying for the most of it! 


The plot is, the best men of the wedding gets drunk and dies tragically in the night after the wedding and the newlyweds need to take care of the funeral, as well as contact the deceased family and friends. It turned out that he didn’t have many people in his phone, but there was this girl, in this small town, that no one else knew he had known. The newlyweds ride to the town to find the girl and let her know about her friend. In the meantime, and here is where the real life is, the girl is trying to cope with her emotionally unstable mother, the drug abusive mother’s boyfriend who makes her shoplift, the new town in which nobody likes her or talks to her, except for the priest. 



After the newlyweds find the girl, they judge almost everything about her and her relationship with the best men. However, they try to get her out of the house, to go to the funeral with them, since they look at her situation at home. 


The talk the girl gives at the funeral is when you realize how people who you think you know, live sometimes a completely different life from the one they put up front from you. You cannot really know about what a person actually thinks, or feels, judging by the way he looks or acts. 

The take-away from the movie: Talk to your friends. The ones you know “forever”. They are not the same children you have met many years ago. They have lives that involve partner problems, family troubles, finances, health issues etc, that many of them managed to hide from their faces and conversations. Maybe you can help them, maybe you can just be a person who can understand them or cheer them up. Whatever it is, it’s better to call a friend now, than to wait until it is too late. 

I loved the characters and how well-structured and surprisingly-well-acted they were! Did not expect to have a (minor) emotional roller-coaster from the title of the movie, but these actors were amazingly dramatic and gave a heartfelt performance. 

I would recommend this to a friend to watch, but not as a comedy, rather as a touching drama. 

You can find the movie here: http://www.magpictures.com/films.aspx 

Crafting an Effective Writer, assignment from week 3

crafting an effective writerAs the results are open, and I had such a great feedback from this one, I wanted to share the story in here. Hope it will be enjoyable for everyone, as it was for the peers who asses it.

I sit here quietly on the bench. I hold my breath and watch the still lake through the luscious tree cones. Than I came back to reality. My friends make lunch in the kitchen today, but they can not stop fighting! I close my eyes, wishing I could get lost in my head and distance myself from the surrounding, but I can not.
Who put the chicken in the big pot? Who turned off the stove? Is the water still running? Who cut the cucumbers so fat?!
I had to get up and fireproof the situation. Maya, you take care of the salads. John, wash the pots clear out the mess. Ben, you are such a great cook, figure out what to do with the chicken and make sure you turn off every appliance after you finish using it.  I will set the table, and find some wine to go along with the chicken. Oh, and Christina, you know you do not belong in the kitchen, please get out of it before you break something. Why don’t you do, what you do best, and choose some upbeat cheerful music we can all sing along to and have some positive vibrations stirred again in this cabin? You can help me out afterwards in clearing up the table for the card games. OK?
Everyone smiled and started to work. After few seconds, Alanis Morrisette told us how Ironic we can be, through the speakers. And just few seconds after, Christina found the microphone, and decided she should tell us the same thing herself.
It turned out to be the best day in the cabin ever! We all sing our hearts out, danced and posed in front of our cameras and dressed out in the most hideous clothes imaginable! The chicken tasted plain and dull, but Ben made the best vegetarian lasagna as a side dish, that just blew our minds.
I will always remember this weekend! We all will remember it. And we all will want to come back here and add new memories.

The beginning

The smell went straight up to my nostrils. A weird nervous smile came to my face, rush of memories, bringing mixed feelings of happiness and sadness. Just when thinking that this was a mistake, I wasn’t supposed to agree to come here from the beginning, since, repeating the past is one of my specialties, I looked up and caught a glimpse of the plaid pants. The faces looking up and smiling at me were not aware of the supernatural emotional state I was in.


Walking slowly up the dusty path I was wondering what was going on. With a big smile and steady handshake I greeted these new friends. All but one. I did not remember any names at first. Something was missing. Someone was missing. And then, there he was.

I do not think I heard him coming. I felted. He just walked out of the house, holding an apple in his hand. His scent was earthy, unique but still familiar. “Oh, new people!”– he exclaimed enthusiastically. Looking him, that first time, in his eyes made me so unease, afraid of what can happen, questioning myself if I am imagining something or he really is the only person in the world. Snapping out of it, while my roommate was laughing at me “Come on sunshine, wake up!” , I said a shy Hello, and looked down quickly.

My heart was beating out of my chest; my mind was having a battle on its own, while my body was just standing there, strangely, dendroidal, unaware of the surroundings. Someone grabbed my bags and moved on inside the house, talking in foggy, distant sound, luring me to come back down to Earth. I asked for some water immediately, hoping that I am just dehydrated from the road and nothing, NOTHING, else is going on. Send a quick text back home that I’ve arrived and all is well, the weather is fine and should be fast three days with these nice people here, I jumped, head on in to the conversation with my roommate about the room we were staying.

“This is going to be fun”– she said, pointing to the old, stain-full futons on the floor. We laughed, but knew that we had to do something about it. We called for someone to come and explain the sleeping arrangement for us and as the girl was trying to tell she would give us some bedding to cover the stains, he emerged from behind her, biting his apple and saying it’s not a big deal, “They are very comfortable, especially if you get very drunk and can’t go up the stairs because your head is spinning”.  I smiled, while the girls gave him a disapproving look. I couldn’t help but feel as if I knew him forever and forgot about him for a while.

He walked out of the room, feeling the silence he left over the girls and I walked out after him.

“Hi, I didn’t introduce myself before properly. You’re Bob, right?”

“Yes, and you haven’t introduced yourself this time either”– he smiled.

Oh, his smile was so captivating. His eyes were twinkling, showing how amused he was of my jitteriness.

“Right, I’m Sunny. I mean, you can call me Sunny. That’s what everyone calls me.”  I could feel my face blushing more and more with every word I was saying.

“All right Sunny, that’s a nickname I haven’t heard. Want an apple?”

What was it with him and the apples? I never really liked apples, but I took one anyway. It was funny how I felt like I had to do whatever he was. Be closer, easier to talk to, and friendlier than ever.