Monthly Archives: December 2012

Rich Characters

A mom: Big smile, funny and witty, silly at times. Loves art and teaching. Pushes your nerves to the edge sometimes… Connecting the good times with something bad, finding something negative in all the positive things in the world

A dad: calm, reliable, economic, analytical, wishful to help at any times whatever the case…half serious- half sarcastic, always asking the wrong questions, pretending to not understand, or not wanting to…

A brother: doing the right thing,intellectual,  living responsibly, thinking even more responsibly. Accomplished, loved, smart and funny, lovable and full of life. Everybody’s favorite person in the world 

Me: Full of promises, hopes and dreams. Many friends, lots of humor,  wanting to make everybody happy… Messed up, insecure, scared of my own shadow. Panicked, afraid of the future, of the past, of the possibilities. 

The over the moon events and the tearful moments. The happiness in the successes and the togetherness when the lights are down. Our future and our past, are messily combined in our present. Staying optimistic and supporting each other. Nothing like a family, can tear you apart but will be there to fix you and mend you whenever you’re broken. 

They say true friends will love you for who you are, but they might come and go and leave and sometimes change so much that they do not come back, or even you don’t want them to. But your family is always here, from the beginning, to the end!