Monthly Archives: September 2013

Does your mind work for you?

Eat right, drink right, go to bed early, wake up in quietness, meditate, surround yourself with positivism…. I try to do all the right things. But still, can’t seem to keep my mind on the right path. It drifts off to more interesting subjects than the work on hand.

I’m supposed to be a scientist. But the artistic part of myself keep pushing me to a different direction. So in a way, my mind is divided into two very different parts. On the right is the calculus part, that is saying “You need to get a job in the scientific field, where you will prosper and have suitable income.” Than on the left side is the artistic me, saying “You have so much more in you, so much creativity and knowledge and skills, use them to create some beautiful work and you will enjoy your future more”

I hate the method of positive affirmations. It does nothing for me in this situation. I’m positive about taking a serious job, and I’m positive about creative working. I am positive that I can do both. But than, I have no energy, nor time for doing both.

Being torn out between these two, I would say that MY mind is definitely not working for me! Is is overload with questions, but no results are apparent. Nothing is resolved…

This month is the time that I need to decide. I have until the 15th of this month to finish with this questions and find the solution for the next 5-10 years.

Donating your time

This whole month started in a sort of dazzle for me, as I decided to be more generous with my time to strangers in September. I have decided to be more inventive in the way I give my donations this year and the donation of time was one of my ways to be charitable.

I have been involved in organizations where I have volunteered and gave charity my entire life. But this is different, as I give my time, purposely, whenever-wherever, all month long.

See…not very smart 🙂

As this era’s technology is so massive, being there for people, was never easier. It is not only the phone, but also emails, social web-sites, Skype, Facebook, comments and requests, all of it. And I can not say no to any of them, when I said that I would be positive on all of them! Help everyone, everywhere, anytime….So, anytime someone asks for something, explanation, instruction, information, I answer, I explain, I instruct…. And the day goes in, and the day goes out and I have no idea where the time actually went!

It is only three days in, and I already feel stressed out, as I have not much of the work that needs to be done for work, and I have helped in not very meaningful ways to people that I don’t even really know.

So, the new task would be, HELPING EVERYONE, AFTER THE WORK FOR THAT DAY IS FINISHED! 🙂 And it is lot of work, since September is the “deadlines” month. I only hope this turns out more productive as time goes by.


Variations on relaxing

Sometimes, counting to ten and back, while breathing slowly is just not enough. So you try to add variations on your relaxing techniques. Just like variations in music, you change the harmonies, the melody, the rhythm and tone and you lose yourself in the new orchestra of sounds…

As the music in your head changes, so different pictures of events and lovely places begin to emerge. The waves are inevitable when starting to relax. The sound of the ocean, the sand in your toes, you dive into the water and the sounds are so far away and than you go up and your ears lose the water and listen to the birds fishing.

But that somehow is not enough, your nerves are still tense, so you need to change the picture, change the station, change the channel. Why not try to go into the jungle? Listen to the monkeys and the elephant. Swing from the trees and turn the huge banana leaf to see the beautiful waterfall and the deer drinking water. The sounds of the exotic birds and feel the life in the nature. Jump and hang from trees, laugh with Timon and Pumba and sing along their song…

Now, not only you feel relaxed, but you are invigorate! You become capable to deal with any problem that needs to be solved. By shifting your subconsciousness from one place to another, feeling different feelings [that you would not normally feel in your immediate surrounding] you also shift your understanding from a little box, to a indefinite universe of colors and textures.

The petite, and sometimes petty, problems are just that. Small obstacles that tend to take too much of our time, while in fact should only be decided upon a minute. Don’t dwell on little things for too long, go to your happy place and dismiss the worries from your mind.