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Naomi Campbell’s advice from Shape Magazine


I was just reading SHAPE magazine and I love the advice Naomi is sharing in it. She gives her “best beauty secrets” which really are great advice for everyone! There are some that are not so secret to the world like “find your passion” or “eat clean”, but the second one : BREAK DOWN BARRIERS really intrigued me. 


She talks about the starting off in the fashion world as one of the first few black models. Of course it was a world she had to break into, in order to be successful. So her lesson learned from that time:

“I learned if you don’t accept no for an answer, you often get a yes…. Every cover I got, I fought for. No’s don’t deter me- they make me more determined”

is what every person should understand and do, every day! Fight for what you know you should have: the freedom for everyone, the promotion or the job you want, the human and animal rights, the vacation days you need to spend with your family, the perfect health you know you deserve! 

I would definitely listen to this girl- hard to believe almost 44-year old woman with that face and body- as she clearly has succeeded in her professional life and from what I’ve read from her interview in the magazine, her inner, personal life as well. 


Images from Shape Magazine : http://www.shape.com/

The power of books!

The power of books!

Read this story, about an actress, Lyne Renee,becoming painter, after reading a book! 

Lyne Reneepicture from IMDB

Quoting Robin Sharma, she said that after years of telling herself that she can’t be an artist, a painter, like her mother, understanding that “telling yourself you can’t do something, impose that limit upon yourself”, she started painting a portrait of her friend, followed by many other paintings. 

That is the power of reading books. Just one paragraph, or sentence of the book can ignite a fire in your mind that will inspire you to take action and achieve more than you ever thought you could!

Read a great book tonight! Just do it! And let me know what greatness happens next 😉


Like the Flowing River by Paulo Coelho

This is the ONLY book he has the English rights. An incredible compilation of inspiration, motivation and pure wisdom! When reading Coelho, you always get excited and calmed at the same time. You get filled with love and understanding.

Don’t stop at the Alchemist. Read more, and read now! It’s the best food for thought that you can “eat” over and over again!

Get it now!


I don’t know if I have told you yet, but I loooove reading books. It’s my way of relaxing and enjoying and shutting myself from the world, even when I read in a room full of people.

Now, in the spirit of Thanksgiving and giving thanks to everything that matters in our lives, I wanted to give thanks to the man who have saved me from depression and hurting myself, over and over again, ROBIN SHARMA!

Every single book he had written had left me better than it found me! I started from the Megaliving! Change your life in 30 days, and I really changed my life. His step-by-step process of telling you what to do, showing you the right path and not making you feel overwhelmed by the exercises and the tasks you need to do, are perfect for anyone who wants to be better. It can be applied to any area of your life: health, wealth, education, relationships, business, family, love, exercises, anything! I started with health myself, and it did wonders! I have never thought I could change in just 30 days! It was after the first week when I realized I CAN DO THIS! And after the first 30 days, I have realized that not only I can do this, I WANT TO DO THIS FOREVER!

Start off with this book and develop the last month of this year into the beginning of the best life you can have!

Inspirational Movie: Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011)


The passion and drive of one man to become the BEST in his work, never be satisfied and always striving for better is something of a desire or cherished aspiration for most of the people, but Jiro…oh man! This 85-year-old sushi master is the perfect example of what you need to do, and how you need to act to become one of the GREAT! 

Jiro was left by his parents at the age of 7. When he went to school, his father told him that he need to make it for himself and that there is no coming back home. That is something that remains to a child’s brain, and after all these years, Jiro still remembers that sentence in his mind! There is no going back. He has to work hard and provide for himself. Otherwise, he has no place to go! He has to make a place for himself in this world. He takes the punches, the insults, all the slaps in his face, but he never backs down! Instead, he continues his routine and steps up his game EVERY DAY!


The movie is filled with inspiration, from start to finish, and the inspiration comes solely from Jiro. His words and wisdom is so simple, yet so true. 



What I liked the most was the part where his human side is shown : The longing for becoming like his idol- Joël Robuchon. I loved that the director took the time to ask him of other chefs. That proves that even the idols have idols. Even the best, know that there are better! No sign of complacency, no sign of smug. Even though customers are nervous when they eat at his restaurant, he is nervous if Joël Robuchon comes to eat there! He knows that there are people with better sense of smell and taste, so he needs to improve his senses to please the customers! 

He is competitive with himself, but he also knows what to do, to become better. And he does that every day! Not a day goes by, that he thinks of something else, or he thinks of giving up. THAT IS NOT AN OPTION. GIVING UP IS NOT AN OPTION! 

I highly recommend this movie to everyone. To everyone who feel stuck, or lost, or not sure of their direction. PICK WHAT YOU WANT TO DO AND NEVER STOP DOING IT!



Inspirational Movies: Best Man Down (2013)

I’ve decided to watch this movie, because I thought it would be a cheerful comedy. It said so on Imdb and had Justin Long as the lead, smiling and all. It did had some comic moments, but I ended up crying for the most of it! 


The plot is, the best men of the wedding gets drunk and dies tragically in the night after the wedding and the newlyweds need to take care of the funeral, as well as contact the deceased family and friends. It turned out that he didn’t have many people in his phone, but there was this girl, in this small town, that no one else knew he had known. The newlyweds ride to the town to find the girl and let her know about her friend. In the meantime, and here is where the real life is, the girl is trying to cope with her emotionally unstable mother, the drug abusive mother’s boyfriend who makes her shoplift, the new town in which nobody likes her or talks to her, except for the priest. 



After the newlyweds find the girl, they judge almost everything about her and her relationship with the best men. However, they try to get her out of the house, to go to the funeral with them, since they look at her situation at home. 


The talk the girl gives at the funeral is when you realize how people who you think you know, live sometimes a completely different life from the one they put up front from you. You cannot really know about what a person actually thinks, or feels, judging by the way he looks or acts. 

The take-away from the movie: Talk to your friends. The ones you know “forever”. They are not the same children you have met many years ago. They have lives that involve partner problems, family troubles, finances, health issues etc, that many of them managed to hide from their faces and conversations. Maybe you can help them, maybe you can just be a person who can understand them or cheer them up. Whatever it is, it’s better to call a friend now, than to wait until it is too late. 

I loved the characters and how well-structured and surprisingly-well-acted they were! Did not expect to have a (minor) emotional roller-coaster from the title of the movie, but these actors were amazingly dramatic and gave a heartfelt performance. 

I would recommend this to a friend to watch, but not as a comedy, rather as a touching drama. 

You can find the movie here: http://www.magpictures.com/films.aspx 

Inspirational Movies : RUSH (2013)

Rush Hemsworth Bruhl

Last night I went to see the movie RUSH , http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1979320/, with my boyfriend. I am telling you that I went with him, because 1) it is a big thing to go to the movies with him, as he is not a great movie watcher; and 2) it was a Formula 1 theme and I had to take him with me, since cars and motors are his passion.

I have read about the movie prior seeing it, as I always do, and the name Niki Lauda rang a bell in my mind, as my father used to talk about him in the past. The fact that it had Chris Hemsworth in it, was in favor for me to go to watch it as well (can’t help it that he reminds me of Heath Ledger so much!).

I didn’t have high hopes for the movie, I knew something from the story line, but, unexpectedly,  it overwhelmed me with emotions and happiness! There were so many things I loved about it, but I’ll tell you just a few.

Rush Daniel

First of all, it was so well structured. It explained the cause of the rivalry of Lauda and Hunt in a very understandable way. It moved through the lives of these two great drivers with ease and tempo that didn’t feel hurried or passive, but with just the right amount of rush. The end was perfect as well, as it completed the story and left you love both of them, for very different reasons. 

The second reason that made this movie great were the actors. Especially the actor who played Lauda, Daniel Bruhl. He made the feeling of the need for intense competition with his opponent truly human, and even though these kind of frenemies are difficult to display in movies, he made it look so easy and believable. Chris was not bad either, although it seemed that he tried a bit more to get to the level of acting Daniel showed. That said, I think he did a great job and the Oscar buzz is well-deserved for both of them, as well for the entire behind the camera crew (director, writer, producers, editing…). 

Rush filming

I haven’t read about Lauda, or expressed much admiration for Formula1 or 3, Races of any kind or Grand Prix, or whatever. In this movie I learned a lot about all of these. However, the main reason I loved the movie, was the story, and moreover that it was based on a true story. The story of a family reject who believed in himself so much that he invested in himself! He took loan from the bank, to buy himself a team and car for racing. He than improved the car and introduced a totally new way of making Formula 1 cars, which brought him to Ferrari! He was dedicated to his work, he studiously took steps to improve himself and his racing, and he was brilliant in predicting the consequences. He was a true genius! 

Niki Lauda, James Hunt

I loved the line when he says “A wise man can learn more from his enemies than a fool from his friends.” It truly represents the story-line of the movie and it is what he actually did. After his accident, it was the success of his enemy (Hunt) on the tracks that made him fight for his life more. He was driven by this relationship and he had to prove to himself that he was better than James Hunt. There were other great lines in the movie as well, that stuck with me like “You’re just who you are at this point in your life” and “To be a champion, it takes more than just being quick. You have to really believe it.”

I think I will be talking about this movie for a long time. I already told all my friends and family that they need to see it. I will be rooting for it at the Oscars as well. It deserves more then just a nod from the Academy. It deserves to be seen by many and to drive people with inspiration and motivation to be the best they can be- RIGHT NOW!